StitchAway Designs

Hi! My name is Stephanie Alvarez, and I’m the founder of StitchAway Designs. At StitchAway we make handmade embroidery items, such as necklaces and caps. I currently make the embroidery designs, and I partner with a fair-trade organization in Guatemala to bring you quality products. StitchAway provides indigenous women in my parents home country the opportunity to use their skills to support their families. I’m proud to have the opportunity to connect with such a special organization to bring you these incredible pieces.


Our Mission

At StitchAway Designs my goal is to bring you unique, handmade products that spread out a positive message and serve a good cause. A type of message that gives a word of encouragement that comes in a small special package. It is a product that translates in every angle a representation of love; from the hands in which they’re made from to the moment it lands in your hands. Not only is it made with love but it brings the richness of another country’s culture directly to you, and while not every product is perfect, it’s absolutely made with love. It’s our simple way of bringing something a little extraordinary and special to you.


StitchAway + Cojoyla

When I discovered Cojolya, a fair-trade organization, and learn about their mission to maintain,empower, and celebrate the women of their community, I knew I had to join them. The financial benefit and entrepreneurial empowerment of this trade can help build skills and sustain families. Many have learned to embroider since a young age and these same advance skills is what helps me bring you high quality products. In return they love the collaboration that this partnership brings between designer and artisan.